Mazda CX-5 Adventure to Country Cut Flowers As the end of summer lingers we thought it would be fun to send off the warmer months with a trip to a local flower farm. We grabbed a CX-5 and headed N...Read More

‘We all need a little escape sometimes, even if it is for a few hours. When taking the time to clear our heads – what’s a better escape then a long scenic drive? I took the Mazda CX -3 u...Read More

Taking a tour through King Eldred Woodlands in winter with the Mazda6 Even though we had one of the mildest winters this year in Ontario, there were still some days full of snow! Fortunately, we h...Read More

What is Mazda i-ACTIVESENSE? i-ACTIVSENSE is a new generation of active safety technologies that automatically sense the vehicle’s environs – from nighttime lighting, to the proximity of other...Read More

What is Mazda i-ELOOP? i-ELOOP is a unique regenerative braking system that 
creates electricity from wasted energy when you slow down. Unlike conventional systems that use a battery, i-ELOOP us...Read More

What is Mazda i-ACTIVE All-Wheel Drive all about? Mazda’s predictive i-ACTIV AWD is an on-demand system featuring sensors that check road conditions 200 times every second. Built to sense, and r...Read More

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