Touring the King Eldred Woodlands in the Mazda6

Taking a tour through King Eldred Woodlands in winter with the Mazda6

Even though we had one of the mildest winters this year in Ontario, there were still some days full of snow! Fortunately, we happened to pick one of those for our latest road trip! We took the Mazda6 – in my favourite Deep Crystal Blue colour – out for a spin to a hidden gem of a place, Eldred King Woodlands (even the name of this place sounds magical)! I had never been here before but my traveling companions had, and I was shocked (again) that this beautiful green space was just in our backyard!

Before we went on this adventure I did some serious research, because a) I did not want to get lost in the woods in the snow (this is not that movie!) and b) I needed to know where to get the best shots! I called around to the different government offices to get my info, as well as checked the Instagram geo tag for some inspiration. I felt like I was armed and ready for this trip but as we turned into the long trail leading to the Woodlands entrance I was blown away. I could never have been prepared for this enchanting place!

It felt like a storybook, with a perfect blanket of snow draped on the trees that flanked either side of the winding road forming into an archway. It also worked out flawlessly because we were practically alone! – It could have been because it was one of the coolest days yet, or the time of day that we went, either way it was amazing. We stayed on the main path (going towards the pond) and just took in all of the nature. Our smallest adventurer (Brooklyn) had so much fun in the snow, that she slept in the car the entire way home (snoring and all)! The only thing I wish we did differently is stayed longer!

Now as much as I love the colour of this Mazda6, it was also a great choice for this road trip! It has amazing handling making it ideal for the country roads. The interior was also on point with its heated seats, infotainment system and sunroof! Having been one of the colder days we have had this winter the car headed up quite quickly, which was perfect for our ride home! Trust me when I say that the pictures to not do this place justice I am already planning my summer trip to these woodlands and I hope to see you there!