Mazda Connect

What is Mazda Connect?

A next-generation car connectivity system that enables you to safely enjoy the convenience of your smartphone while in your car.

・Enables the use of a variety of website applications and services such as Aha by linking with your smartphone.
・The in-vehicle software can be updated to support additional functions and evolving smartphone operating systems so that it will never go out-of-date.
・A flexible hardware structure featuring a module unit for each function allows the system to meet a wide range of needs flexibly.
・Moving forward, the range of applications and services available with the system will be expanded.

Next-Generation HMI

A next-generation HMI developed in line with Mazda’s unique Heads-Up Cockpit concept which places the highest priority on safety and helps drivers to maintain a stable driving position and concentrate on driving safely, even while dealing with a variety of information.

Mazda Connect Infotainment

・The human-centered design aims to minimize visual, cognitive and manual distraction.
・The simple cockpit has different zones for different types of information.
・7-inch center display (1) sits atop the dashboard making it easy to see without lowering the eyes.
・Command controller (2) is designed to be operated entirely by feel.
・Active Driving Display (3) projects important information such as vehicle speed and turn-by-turn navigation above the meter hood.
・Functions can be controlled voice-recognition.


*1 The name Mazda Connect is used in Japan, US, Canada and Mexico. The system is referred to as MZD Connect in other markets.
*2 As of September 2013, Mazda data. Except the lowest-priced model grade which is chiefly aimed at fleet sales.
*3 Location-based services work in cooperation with a navigation system to offer services based on location information.
*4 Aha Radio website:
*5 Services available through Mazda Connect and Aha vary by country and region.