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Mazda MX-5 for sale in Newmarket!

Weekly lease offers shown are for informational purposes only. Lease payments cannot actually be made on a weekly basis and are made on a bi-weekly basis. Offer available on retail leases of new 2020 Mazda3 GX with Convenience Package (DVXK60CP00)/2020 Mazda3 Sport GX (SVXK60AA00)/2020 CX-5 GX (NVXL80AA00)/2020 CX-30 GX (ZVXK80AA00)/2020 CX-9 GS AWD (QXSM80AA00)/2020 CX-3 GX 6MT (HVXK60AA00)/2020 Mazda6 GS 6AT (G4SN80AA00)/2020 MX-5 GS (L2SK60AA00)/2020 MX-5 RF GS-P (L3PK60AA00) with a lease APR of 3.35%/3.75%/3.75%/3.50%/2.85%/3.25%/2.90%/3.99%/3.99% and 130/130/130/130/130/130/130/130/130 bi-weekly payments of $119/$119/$159/$139/$199/$119/$159/$159/$199 for 60/60/60/60/60/60/60/60/60 months, the total lease obligation is $17,834/$18,442/$23,028/$20,075/$30,194/$17,627/$24,024/$25,029/$29,987, including down payment (or equivalent trade-in) of $2,375/$2,985/$2,375/$2,015/$4,335/$2,165/$3,365/$4,375/$4,135. Please contact NewRoads Mazda for full details.