Mobility Program

Mazda Mobility Program

The Mazda Mobility Program

Mazda Canada Inc. is proud to support the mobility needs of drivers and passengers with physical disabilities, with assistance toward the purchase and installation of adaptive driving aids or mobility assistance equipment.


Eligible Vehicles:

All new and unused passenger cars and trucks.

Program Description:

Mazda Canada Inc. (MCI) will provide up to $750.00 (includes GST) towards the purchase and installation of adaptive driving aids or mobility assistance equipment on all eligible Mazda vehicles.

Adaptive driving or passenger equipment includes wheelchair or other lift equipment, hand or other driving controls.

Purchase and installation of equipment that costs less than the maximum $750.00 will be paid at the actual costs. Purchase and installation of equipment exceeding $750.00 will be paid a maximum of $750.00.

Qualifying Process:

  1. 1. Determine your Province’s or Territory’s Driver’s Licence Requirements regarding the use of mobility equipment.
  2. 2. Evaluate your needs in conjunction with your medical service provider.
  3. 3. Choose a qualified mobile equipment installer.

Claiming Process:

To qualify for payment, the purchaser/lessee must complete the Mobility Assistance Claim Form and forward it, along with required documentation, to:

Mazda Canada Inc.
Mazda Mobility Assistance Program
55 Vogell Road,
Richmond Hill, ON, L4B 3K5

All payments will be made directly to the retail purchaser or lessee. To be eligible for payment, the “Mobility Assistance Claim Form” must be received within three (3) months from date of purchase.

Required Documentation:

Complete the “Mazda Mobility Assistance Claim Form” and submit to Mazda Canada Inc. along with the following documents:

  1. 1. A legible copy, from an authorized Mazda Canada Inc. dealer, of a signed Bill of Sale or Lease Agreement for a new, unused Mazda vehicle;
  2. 2. A legible copy of the vehicle ownership certificate;
  3. 3. A legible copy of the paid invoice(s) for the adaptive driving aids/mobility assistance equipment installed on the purchased vehicle by a qualified installation provider, and;
  4. 4. A physician’s statement identifying reason(s) for mobility assistance.

Other Requirements:

  1. 1. Only the original owner of the vehicle is eligible
  2. 2. Modifications and equipment installation must be completed for the original owner or their immediate family.
  3. 3. There will be only one re-imbursement request per vehicle.


  1. 1. All accessories, such as side step tubes.
  2. 2. Automatic transmissions.
  3. 3. Any mobility equipment that is not permanently affixed to the vehicle.
  4. 4. Any other equipment that, in the opinion of Mazda Canada Inc. does not meet the requirements of the Mazda Mobility Assistance Program.

Important Information:

The customer is solely responsible for the selection of both the mobility equipment manufacturer and installer.

Mazda Canada Inc. or its Dealers bears no responsibility for the warranty of the mobility equipment and installation.

In the Province of Quebec, a legislative requirement stipulates that individuals must see a driver rehabilitation specialist for a driver assessment before having a vehicle modified.