Visiting Pine Orchard Farms in the Mazda3 Sport

Mazda3 Sport road trip

Apple picking at Pine Orchard Farms in the Mazda3 Sport

Happy Fall equinox! There is nothing like a change in the weather to get you in the mood for the coziest season. We rang in fall with a trip in the Mazda3 Sport to a local apple orchard, Pine Orchard Farms! We hopped in the iconic red Mazda and made our way to the Orchard. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again I love how you can 15 minutes away from the city and end up in the most beautiful farm land and today was no different. As we cruised around the twists and turns of the road I couldn’t help but notice how quiet it was. Mazda has worked hard to make their vehicles smooth & quiet so you can focus on your journey. It was so peaceful driving through the beautiful trees that were starting to turn colours.

Once we arrived at the apple orchard we took some photos with the Mazda & then headed out to the Orchard to get some apples! The staff were so kind and friendly and walked us through what rows are ripe enough to pick and what types of apples we could get. We had so much fun walking the rows & soaked in the beauty of the landscape. We got our apples and head back to the main area. As many business have over the last year or so Pine Orchard Farms has moved a lot of their store outside to be more of a farmers market feeling. They also have created a cute outdoor eating area just on the outskirts of the forest that surrounds the orchard. If you are looking for a family adventure this fall – Pine Orchard farms is a must!

We left the farm with a trunk full of apples (I made an apple cake over the weekend) and we headed home in the Mazda3 Sport! On our way out we noticed a tree that had turned the most beautiful fall colours so we pulled over and took some photos. The beautiful Mazda red fits perfectly in the fall landscape. We can’t wait to take you on our next adventure!​