Princess Prom in Mazda Style

Princess Alia and her Prince are off to the prom in their Mazda CX-3

Having gone through my own prom only a few years ago, I understood my younger sister’s anxious desire for her boyfriend’s prom day to be picture perfect. As with most female prom goers, it’s all about the dress and, thankfully, Alia found a spectacular one made of pink lace complete with sparkly gemstones reminiscent of a gown fit for a princess. This is a good thing, since my sister’s nickname is Princess Alia.

With this stunning full-length dress, you would have thought it was her prom, but in fact, it was her boyfriend’s, as she just finished grade 11 this year. Either way, all eyes were about to be on her!

To have her arrive in style, I agreed to be her chauffer with a white 2016 Mazda CX-3. Before heading to the venue, we drove to our neighborhood’s cul de sac, so I could take some photos. The white Mazda glistened in the sun and was a perfect complement to Alia’s savvy style.

It was a steamy hot day – thank goodness the CX-3’s icy air conditioning kept her makeup tip-top. Alia arrived in sleek Mazda style at The Country Day School.

Greeted by many other excited prom goers, I could feel the pride and confidence Alia felt getting out of the CX-3. It was the perfect way for Princess Alia to kick off prom!